About Our Curriculum

At this time there is no arts-infused middle school in Central Arkansas. Academic achievement through arts-integrated core academic subjects will be the key to Westwind’s instructional framework. Westwind's clear systems and curriculum frameworks engages educators in culturally-relevant, holistic, academic spaces. As a true arts-integration school, students will meet dual learning objectives within each unit of study. Each unit balances the need for both explicit and open-ended instruction, providing opportunities for students to apply creative processes to explore and understand all disciplines. To that end, students will develop critical thinking and processing skills that will propel them forward as not just creatives in the arts, but citizens prepared for 21st century life.


Musical Theatre and Other Live Performances

Students will engage in performances throughout the year. They will use time set aside during  their Tools for Learning class to apply skills and knowledge garnered throughout the year to  develop, coordinate, rehearse and perform in an event designed as a celebration of artistic  knowledge and ability. Each year students will determine the theme and constraints of their performances. They will also participate in ways that best demonstrate their learning - whether that be through writing a script, performing or set production.