So many children express themselves through the arts, but don't have a space that welcomes that creativity or understands the impact of the arts in their overall development. Westwind School for Performing Arts is an open enrollment public charter school open to students grades 6-8 across Central Arkansas.


At Westwind, we empower our students to explore, imagine, create, and collaborate through the arts.  We are an arts-integrated, performing arts school designed to meet the needs of our students by integrating dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and filmmaking seamlessly into our core academic subjects - speaking to the students’ interests, needs, and learning preferences.


Arts-integration establishes an environment that invites students to discover creative ways to address concepts taught in standard core curriculum. Our signature approach engages students with opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through creativity in the arts. 


Our performing arts program offers an expressive voice to our students, encouraging them to become the creator of their own journey.  


We are excited for you to experience Westwind where creativity flows.