Creatives performing Circle of Life at the 28th Annual Arkansas Black Hall of Fame

Creatives on the Move!

‘Back to Broadway’ was the theme for the 28th Annual Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, and our creatives opened the show, performing the Lion Kings “Circle of Life!” This was such an amazing experience for them! Thank you to Black Hall of Fame organizers Mr. Charles O. Stewart and Taren Robinson for the opportunity and exposure! Special thanks to our amazing choreographer, Mr. Todd Belin…you’re unwavering commitment to our creatives shines through in their performances! Thank you to the team, Hannah Rivera, Laura Montalvan, Fanchon Bone, Akaylah Jones, and Tawanna Campbell for working tirelessly to ensure our creatives had an experience like no other! Special thanks to Paul Mitchell The School Little Rock for making our creatives animal looks come to life! Rodney Block and the Collective, thank you for providing a live band experience to our creatives! You all are true professionals, and we can’t say enough about how much our creatives adore and admire you! The Rafiki kimonos were made by Tremaine Pollydore and Korto Momolu! Thank you both for creating such beautiful garments for the creatives!
Last but certainly not least, thank you to our amazing Westwind families! From donating rehearsal snacks, and spending late nights working on costumes, to helping backstage on show day! You all are truly phenomenal and we are Westwind Proud!

Here’s a sneak peek, but more pics to come! #wearewestwind